Particularly popular courses

There are around 16,000 different degree programs in Germany today. Often the decision is not easy, which is the right field of study for you. Often you go to preferences, or according to which profession you want to exercise later. But what are the most popular study programs today? Is there a gender difference? Do most men choose to study at a university other than women? Some investigations will be presented here. Here you can find out which subjects are currently in high demand in Germany and what career opportunities are after graduation.

This is how men and women choose the course of study

Of course, the choice of the most sought after program is different for men and women. In first place, however, both sexes agree. Business administration is the most popular choice for both male and female students. In particular, technical studies are very popular with men. So many men choose subjects such as computer science, mechanical engineering or physics. Women, on the other hand, feel more at home in the humanities and creative disciplines. For example, degree programs such as German studies, English studies or education are particularly welcome for female students.

Even classical courses such as law, medicine and psychology are very popular with both men and women. The good: The job opportunities do not diminish, although many students choose these subjects. Lawyers as well as psychologists and doctors are still very much in demand these days. Thus, graduates of these subjects have particularly good chances of finding a lucrative job after completing their studies.

Business Administration ranked # 1 in all programs

In the winter semester 2015/2016, the business administration degree program was also ranked number one in the field of study choice. For many years, this degree program has enjoyed great popularity. This may be due to the very different occupations after graduation, or the high salaries that graduates of business administration are waiting for. Second place was occupied by mechanical engineering. This degree course is very popular with male students, although more and more women are choosing to study mechanical engineering. In the winter semester 2015/2016, the law was in third place.

The most popular degree programs to date

Business Administration

Graduates of Business Administration are pleased: they have very high career opportunities, even though it is the most popular study program in Germany today. Surely the high chances of getting a good job after graduation is one of the reasons why so many men and women decide to complete this degree. Especially the different opportunities for specialization increase the chances for graduates. With a degree in business administration, many doors open. Graduates can work in many areas and do not have to commit to a particular area.

law Sciences

Jura is fourth among female students on the most popular subjects. Even after studying law, graduates have great opportunities for a good career. So you can work with a law degree not only as a prosecutor, judge or lawyer. Lawyers are also in great demand in large corporations and publishers. The chances of a good job depend on the respective exam grades. Judges are only the very best of the vintage.

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is a study course that is mainly favored by men. Mechanical engineers are also in great demand on the job market. So you can work with a mechanical engineering degree, for example in project management or in process design, or work in the aerospace industry. The study is very demanding, you not only learn technical basics, but special processes that may be important for the future profession. Many mechanical engineers depend on a bachelor’s and master’s degree or a doctorate. This increases their chances on the job market considerably. But that’s not a must, of course: even graduates of mechanical engineering have many doors open with a good master’s degree.


Almost every second student of German studies aims for a career as a teacher or teacher. The statistics also show similar numbers in English and Romance studies. But also in other professional fields. Graduates of the humanities, for example, can work as journalists or editors, as lecturers in a publishing house, or as librarians or librarians. The future is open to graduates of the humanities. With a relatively wide-ranging study, they can easily reorient themselves after graduation and quickly become familiar with new environments. Around 75 percent of students of German Studies are women. The Humanities degree programs are particularly popular with female students.


For many years, there have been more and more than places in the medical study program. The study is very demanding, you have to learn a lot by heart. But as a doctor you have very good career opportunities. Due to the many different specializations already during the medical studies, most graduates of medicine find the department that suits them. The long study and many memorization seem to make the least of something. In the end, it pays off in any case. Unlike in business administration or law, physicians are early in their studies in one area. You have to decide on which department you want to choose and with which you want to earn your money later. Although, of course, nothing is set in stone, one must be aware of this early decision.

Find the right course of study for you!

Due to the many different degree programs it can be difficult to choose the right one for yourself. Although many Germans are interested in studying the Chinese language. The good thing about the variety of subjects is: Anyone who wants to study their favorite course.

Do you personally, everyone finds their place in the dense university jungle. If you have not decided what you would like to study. But, more importantly, what interests you personally. The question is not easy for anyone.